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The Thorax - Therapeutic Thai and Osteo course.

with Patrick

A 5-day course with therapeutic osteopathic techniques for therapists.

This course is focussing on therapeutic Osteo techniques for the ribcage, shoulder, diaphragm, heart, lungs and circulatory system. The participants can perfectly integrate the newly learned techniques into their existing Thai massage routines. 

This massage course is focussing on the thorax, the diaphragm and the circulatory system.

The thorax houses the vital organs – lungs and heart. The heart is the pump of the blood circulation.

The mobility of the thorax is vital to the function of the diaphragm the lungs, the heart and its circulation. Immobility leads to tension of the fascia in the thorax, which affects the mobility of the heart and leads to close the gates where the blood vessels are passing out of the thorax into the arms, legs and head, which leads to stagnation in the blood flow.

The blood supply to the organs and cells is very important. In Osteopathy, a lot of attention is paid to a free blood supply. If restricted, it can cause many problems and is the cause of many diseases. The sitting lifestyle of our society is creating a lot of restrictions in these areas.

So, our aim is to provide good blood flow throughout body. We mobilise the ribcage, loosen the diaphragm to improve the breathing and free the gates and the blood vessels with techniques from Thai massage and osteopathy. 

The techniques we learn in this workshop can be well integrated in your existing Thai massage routines.

Day 1: Anatomy, biomechanics (2 h) and practical techniques for the thoracic spine and ribs (4 h)

Day 2: Anatomy (2 h) and practical techniques for the intra- thoracic fascia and fascia of arms and legs (4 h)

Day 3: Anatomy, biomechanics (2 h) and practical techniques for the Shoulder (4 h)

Day 4: Anatomy, biomechanics (2 h) and practical techniques for the diaphragm and lungs (4 h)

Day 5: Anatomy, biomechanics (2 h) and practical techniques for the heart (4 h)


At least 60 hours of Thai massage training

5 days / 30 hours, Baht 13,500.-

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