Abdominal Chi Massage - Chi Nei Tsang 1 & 2

Chi Nei Tsang - Level 1

This 5 day course with Doris Kolling is about

Visceral and emotional release 

of the inner organs

  • Learn to release blockages in the abdominal region. The manifestation of negative emotions can be found as stagnated Chi in our organs in the form of tightness, constrictions, lumps, knots.
  • This course will focus on learning how to detoxify both the large and small intestine, which tend to harbour our past negative emotions resulting in all kinds of physical and/or emotional problems.
  • Also, learn how to detoxify the skin, opening the Chi gates to the organs as well as detoxification of the major organs like liver, gallbladder, lungs, heart, kidney, pancreas, and bladder, which tend to hold our present negative emotions.
  • Like peeling an onion, learn to work on many layers, such as skin, fasciae muscle, lymph and circulation, gradually progressing from more superficial to deeper seated problems within the abdomen.
   Everyone with a massage background is welcome.

5 days / 30 CE hours    Baht 11,500.-
including half an hour herbal ball application on the stomach area every day after class,
and course material.

  • 4 to 8 February 2019

Chi Nei Tsang - Level 2

This 5-day course with Doris is about

Deepening the understanding 

of visceral and emotional detoxification.

  • Releasing and improving the function of the vascular system.
  • Improving circulation, directing blood flow to the organs, correlating the individual pulses.
  • Relieving lower back pain more effectively through deep psoas work.
  • Clearing and flushing the lymphatic system in the body by working on the lymph glands and lymph pathways.
  • A deeper more comprehensive lung treatment as in asthmatic massage.
  • Detoxifying the reproductive organs in the lower abdominal area by focusing on the vascular system.

This level two course can contribute to the prevention of heart attacks and stroke. Immediate improvement in blood flow throughout the body will benefit all organs of the body and improve their function. 

This course is only open to students already experienced in Chi Nei Tsang level 1 

5 days / 30 CE Hours  Baht 12,500.-
The course includes half an hour of herbal ball application per day concentrating on the abdomen and the other areas where work is focused. Please bring the course material from the previous course (level 1), otherwise sold separately.
next :
  • 11 to 15 February 2019