Ayurveda and Thai Massage Therapy

The book which inspired this course: Thai Yoga Therapy for your body type

with Kam Thy Chow

In this Thai massage & Ayurveda workshop, the practitioner will learn how to understand the client’s Body Type. The practitioner will design a massage approach to treat according to their clients needs.

The traditional Indian science of living well through balancing life activities to attain optimum health in body, mind and spirit. By applying Ayurvedic principals to Thai Massage it will elevate us to the next level of our healing practice. 

Course content: 
  • An introduction to Ayurveda and how it works 
  • How to determine your client Dosha by reading the features, characters and inquiries  
  • How to use Pace, Pressure, and specific Postures for  body type.
  • A Yoga sequence for the 3 Dosha: Vata, Pita, Kapha. 
  • One hour sequence of Thai massage with Ayurvedic principles.

This course is based on Kam Thye Chow’s bestselling book“Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type” (Printout included in the course)

Everyone with a background in Thai massage is welcome

5 days / 30 CE Hours – Baht 12,500.-