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Therapeutic Body Rolling

Self massage is often forgotten ...
Self massage is often forgotten ...

Self-Maintenance Using Self MyoFascial Release.

1 day workshop _ Therapeutic Body rolling is one of the best therapeutic exercises you can do for yourself as a massage therapist to keep your body relax and flexible. When prescribed to your client, you will also allow them to take control over their health and improve their recovery. They will be forever grateful for it, which will greatly contribute to your success as a therapist.

Therapeutic Body Rolling is a form of self-massage that is sometimes referred to as SMFR (Self-MyoFascial Release).

It is an effective technique which balances muscle tension in the body. When done correctly, and on a regular basis, it can prevent or support healing of many of the common structural problems (back, shoulder, hip, knee and neck pain, tendinitis and many others ). This technique of self-massage uses tools such as rollers and balls. The practitioner places his body weight on the rolling tool, and gravity will produce pressure on the muscles and tissues in order to induce the release of tension in those areas.During the workshop, you will learn a complete set of techniques to take care of the whole body from feet to neck.

Everybody interested is welcome.

1 day / 6 CE hours, Baht 2,500.-

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