From "fight or flight" to "rest and digest"

Meet the psoas and vagus – our physical and emotional tools for living in the 21st century

with Roni Gilboa

Modern life can be extremely stressful, challenging and demanding. This affects our health, our well-being and our state of mind. We may feel its manifestations in various ways; through aches and pains, difficulty sleeping a meaningful night's sleep, troubles with our digestive system, being anxious and worried. It may also affect our relationships with family and friends as we struggle to survive and endure the tests that life presents us.

Scientists and medical professionals call stress one of the silent killers of our times. Finding ways to deal with and contain the challenges of modern living is becoming ever more important in our quest to improve our health and our well-being.

In this one day workshop we will meet the Psoas (muscle of the soul) and Vagus (nerve of well-being) and explore various ways and options of applying traditional Thai massage and other techniques to work these sometimes un-tapped gifts that we have in our bodies. We will learn how to relax and release the Psoas and improve its range of movement, how to stimulate the Vagus nerve and work on its tonal elasticity.

My experience in treating people struggling with cancer and their caregivers has given me an insight into the repercussions of our stress-filled daily lives. This workshop implements these insights in ways that are relevant to each and every one.

Everyone with a background in Thai massage is welcome. 

1 day / 6 Hours Price Baht 1,900.-


  • 8 December 2018