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Massage Related Workshops in Chiang Mai

For advanced practitioners and massage therapists

Sunshine Massage School understands that bodywork practitioners and massage therapists want to continue to develop additional skills that will allow them to support their practice, care for themselves and broaden their horizons.

These workshops are also good occasions to meet practitioners from other disciplines.

Among all the interesting Workshops this year, we propose you:

Comforting cancer patients: Applied massage techniques in the context of palliative care.

Warm hands on an aching body, with Roni.

This is a course about Applied Massage Techniques for Oncology, Trauma, Stress, side effects of modern-day illness, Chronic anxiety, Chronic pain and more.

The Facilitator

Roni Gilboa is sharing her experience based on more than 10 years of treating cancer patients and their caregivers and also teaching massage therapists in the oncology environment.


Bridging applied anatomy and the body systems with Thai Massage.

2 consecutive 5-day courses about anatomical mapping and palpation, primary body systems and biomechanics in relation to Thai massage.

   AnaThai, lower body: 

   10 to 14 February 2020,  11.500  THB

   AnaThai, upper body:

   17 to 21 February 2020,  11.500 THB

What is AnaThai about?

  Applied Anatomy:

Structural Mapping and palpation of the body allows the practitioner to resonate with a greater awareness of the physical body while improving precision. It offers anatomical guidelines to each individual unique body.

  Levels of structural Organization in the human body:

 The smallest parts form the larger structures. The human body has 6 main levels of structural organization: Chemical level, cellular level, tissue, organ, organ system —> Organism = Us!

  11 body systems:

Integumentary, skeletal, muscular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive.

Body Assessment, Treatment and Rebalancing

This course covers Body Assessment of problem conditions, Bodywork Treatment and Exercise Rebalancing approaches for the body. 

with Mike

We will cover every section of the body in detail, starting from the feet up to the head, considering the 3-Steps below:

Step 1 - Where’s the pain? 

Assessment of pain, injuries and movement limitations in the body. Where people may have pain, heaviness, weakness or incorrect joint tracking affecting movement for the person. Many longterm injuries take one to three months to heal even when treated properly, depending on the severity and the body fitness in the area affected.

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