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Massage Related Workshops in Chiang Mai

Important: As a precaution and along everyone's efforts to fight Covid-19, the school will be closed until 31 May (or later)

Sunshine Massage School, along with the the Thai Ministry of Education and Thai Ministry of Health wishes to do its best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We will keep you posted as more information is available.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and feel free to check our upcoming courses and workshops

For advanced practitioners and massage therapists

Sunshine Massage School understands that bodywork practitioners and massage therapists want to continue to develop additional skills that will allow them to support their practice, care for themselves and broaden their horizons.

These workshops are also good occasions to meet practitioners from other disciplines.

Among all the interesting Workshops this year, we propose you:

Structural Energy Lines - Level 1 and 2

Learn the Ancient Khmer Energy Lines, first taught in Chiang Mai by Ajahn Poo

with Mike 

When Structural Energy is flowing or open in the body, it is the feeling of electricity and water flowing through the muscles, connective tissue, joints and nerves in various areas of the body. It is similar to the flow of water and sometimes feels like the sharpness and intensity of electricity (especially when pressing on an area that is blocked).

Structural Energy Blockages are the first thing I feel that needs to flow better in most people. Blockages are experienced as physical immobility, pain, weakness, numbness or other dysfunction in any area of the body. This energy network represents freedom in the physical body when they are unblocked, as energy may move more freely throughout the body and benefit the TCM energy meridians as well.

Therapeutic Body Rolling

Self massage is often forgotten ...
Self massage is often forgotten ...

Self-Maintenance Using Self MyoFascial Release.

1 day workshop
Therapeutic Body Rolling is one of the best therapeutic exercises you can practice to keep your body relaxed and flexible benefiting:

  • massage therapists, physical trainers and yogis
  • office workers and teachers
  • artists, dancers and musicians
  • high-intensity athletes
  • etc.

Anatomy and Thai Massage (AnaThai)

Bridging applied anatomy and the body systems with Thai Massage.

Feb. 2021: 2 consecutive 5-day courses about anatomical mapping and palpation, primary body systems and biomechanics in relation to Thai massage.

AnaThai, lower body:
1 to 5 February 2021, Baht 11,500.-

AnaThai, upper body:
8 to 12 February 2021, 
Baht 11,500.-

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