Workshops by Sunshine Massage School

Workshops by Sunshine Massage School


Beginner's Course & Advanced Courses

Thai massage Beginner's course

Although we call this a beginner’s course this is the course upon which all Thai massage is based and without a firm basis in its structure, it would be very difficult to progress with this healing art. We suggest that the serious student repeat the beginner’s course before starting any of the advanced studies. Many of our students do two beginners courses then return home to practice then come back to Sunshine Massage School when time and finances allow to do the beginner's again and then start their advanced training. We are happy to advise you, depending on your previous experience, as to what would benefit you the most.

For more information on the beginner's course. 

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Advanced Thai Massage Courses

We have dedicated an entire site to our Thai traditional advanced courses. 

The advanced courses still focus on the core elements of Traditional Thai Massage but offer continued training for people who have had at least one beginner's course. 

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Advanced Thai Massage Courses website.

Below is a list of the Advanced courses offered by Sunshine Massage School. 

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Advanced & Stretches

Side Position

Thai Massage with the Feet

Thai Acupressure for Orthopedic Disorders

Please note: repeating the beginner’s course is often a very interesting way to deepen your knowledge of Thai massage, prior to continuing studies in the advanced courses.